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Full Guide On How To Find Automatic Car Wash Near Me

Automatic Car Wash Near Me – Search Nearest Automatic Car Wash Near You and get detailed lists nearby!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to find a good automatic car wash near your location, then you have come to just the right place. This is your one-stop spot for finding the best car washes near your location. Locate the nearest automatic car wash by simply scrolling down to our interactive map. 

The map will contain a list of all the automatic car washes near you. Find out the contact information, operation hours, price range, special offers, reviews, and more. Simply click on any location near your area to find more information. There might be many great car washes located near you. So, let’s find them. 

How to find an Automatic Car Wash Near Me?

Simply scroll down to our interactive map below to find the list of all the automatic car washes located near you. If the map isn’t already zoomed in on your location, you can zoom it in. Make sure the location services and GPS are activated on your device. Once you zoom in on your location, you will see all the available automatic car washes near you. 

You can click or tap on any location to find more details about it. These details will include images of the location, operation hours, contact info, ratings, reviews, and much more. The information will help you determine the quality of service and judge the experience of other customers at the car wash. Hence, you will be able to decide which car wash will best suit your needs. Then, you can instantly find the quickest directions to the location and get there in no time. 

Find Automatic Car Wash in Another City

If you are looking for a good automatic car wash in another city, you can find it by simply dragging the map to that location. Zoom in or out of the map to adjust it to your convenience. Once you drag the map to your desired location, all the available automatic car washes in the area will automatically pop up. You can click on a location to find out more details about it. In this way, our interactive map allows you to find a car wash anywhere you want. 

Types of Automatic Car Washes You Can Find Near You

You will see a lot of automatic car wash nearby locations on your map. However, you still have to decide which automatic car wash to go with. There are multiple types of automatic car washes, each one with its own perks. Most automatic car washes can be found attached to convenience stores or gas stations. You can also find independent car washes that offer these services. Here are some of the most prominent types of automatic car washes. 

Automatic Car Wash with Rollover Machines

Automatic car washes that have roll-over machines will take your car into a specialized compartment that contains rollers and brushes in every direction. Your car will be cleaned by the machines automatically, and all you have to do is wait till it’s done. You also have the option to stay in the car during the process. These automatic car washes are quick. It only takes about 5 minutes. The rollers and brushes have a self-cleaning ability. So, immediately after one wash, the machines are ready for the next car completely new and tidy. 

Automatic Tunnel Car Wash (Conveyor)

In this type of car wash, your car is loaded onto a conveyor which takes it through a series of machines, rollers, brushes, high-pressured water, and a blow dryer. So, your car will go in one from one side and come out shiny and clean from the other. You will have to put your car in neutral or park, depending on the car type. Conveyor car washes are mostly attached to gas stations and convenience stores and are good for a quick car wash, often needed by someone in a hurry. 

Here’s a video by Michael showcasing an Automatic car wash through Tunnel:

Automatic Drive-Thru Car Wash

Similar to Automatic Tunnel Car Wash, but instead of your car is loaded on a conveyor, you will have to drive it through the machines. Simply follow the lighted directions inside the tunnel and drive the car yourself as it is cleaned by machines from all directions. It is also a quick and easy car wash setup that allows you to wash your car in less than 5 minutes. 

Automatic Touchless Car Wash

Instead of any brushes, rollers, or clothes, the automatic touchless car washes are known for using properly balanced detergents, spray patterns, and high-pressure water rinsing to clean off all the dirt from your vehicle. Since the whole process is completely touchless, there is no risk of scratch or pain damage. Touchless Car Washes are quick and get you a shiny brand-new look in a matter of minutes. They are available in some of the bigger gas station chains and independent setups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do automatic car washes really work?

Yes, automatic car washes are actually pretty good when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. They are quick and very effective and clean your car in a matter of minutes. So, if you are in a hurry, you can definitely try one. 

How do I find a drive-through car wash?

Simply use our map to find all the automatic car washes near your location. If you are looking for specifically a drive-through car wash, search for it or find it attached to a gas station or convenience store. 

Is a Touchless car wash better than a regular one?

Yes, they are better. Touchless car washes use unique spray patterns, properly balanced detergents, and a high-pressure water rinsing mechanism. No brushes or rollers are used, so there is no risk of scratches or paint damage. 

How do you wash a Tesla?

Just like you wash any other car. You can take it to a proper car wash or wash it at home. Hand washing your car is always the best choice because it allows your car to receive the care it deserves. 

How much does an automatic car wash cost?

On average, an automatic car wash costs around 10-20 dollars. However, the prices may vary according to promotional offers, special packages, and loyalty programs. Each car wash has a different set of prices. 

When should you not wash your car?

You should not wash your car in winter when the temperature is too low. Wait for the temperature to rise, and then you can wash your car. Also, it is not recommended to wash your car during rain. 


Automatic car washes are a good choice when you need a quick and easy cleanup. Locate the nearest automatic car wash using the interactive map shared on this webpage. You will also find all the relevant information you need on the map. The information will help you pick the car wash that suits you best. Now that you know how to find the best automatic car wash near your location, you can use the map to find the one you need.

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