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Find a Gas Station Car Wash Near Me – Use Our Maps tool to find nearest gas station car wash to you!

We provide you with a quick and easy way to find the nearest gas car wash in your area. Simply scroll down below to get to the list of all the gas station car wash nearby locations on our interactive map. This is your one-stop spot for finding the best car washes anywhere. Use our interactive map below to find directions to the closest gas station car wash. Find all the relevant details about the car wash on the map. Learn about location, contact info, directions, price range, hours of operation, quality of service, and much more. There might be many great gas station car washes near you. Let’s find them. 

How to Find a Gas Station Car Wash Near Me?

First of all, make sure that location services and GPS are activated on your device. Scroll down to our interactive map and zoom in on your location to find the list of all the nearest gas station car washes. The map has already been optimized to search for only gas station car washes. You can click or tap on a location to find more information. You can see the images of the location, contact information, directions, operation hours, types of services offered, price points, quality of services, ratings, reviews, and much more. 

The information helps you find the best gas station car wash near you. You can judge the quality of service by reading reviews about the location. Other customers often share their experiences which helps you understand the services better. Once you have selected a car wash that suits you, you can instantly find the quickest directions to the location and go there. If you are looking for gas station car washes in another area or another city, simply move the map, using the touch and drag feature, to that location and all the car washes will pop up.

What Kind of Car Wash You Should Expect at a Gas Station?

Gas station car washes are similar to any other car washes that you have come across in your life. There is no one specific car wash that every gas station has. So, you might find an automated or a manual car wash in the gas station. The bigger names in gas stations have modern standard car washes, while smaller chains mostly have manual car wash options available

Gas stations often run promotions, memberships, and loyalty programs that help you get benefits if you use multiple services and return there for more. So, getting a car wash from a gas station will possibly save you some money. There is no limit to what kind of car wash you can get, but let’s take a look at some of the most common ones you can hope to get at a petrol station. 

Full-Service Car Wash at Gas Station

Most gas stations offer a full-service car wash, which is considered the need of every car wash user. Full-service car wash is a bit expensive, and also takes a bit of time but is considered the best one. You will have to wait in the waiting room while the cleaning staff washes your vehicle. 

Drive-Thru Tunnel Car Wash at Gas Station

Drive Thru tunnel car washes are prominent at gas stations. All you have to do is get in from one side of the tunnel and then come out of the other. You might have to follow a set of lighted directions, or the gas station might be using a conveyor type tunnel system. This is a quick car wash method and also doesn’t cost much. The inside of your car won’t be cleaned, but the exterior will look shiny in no time. You might get a complimentary free vacuum service after the wash, if available. 

Coin Operated Gas Station Car Wash

Gas stations are also known for using coin-operated self-service car washes. Users can insert the coins to use a water hose and other car wash equipment in a personalized space for a limited time. Self-service car washes are for those who absolutely love their car and don’t want to compromise on their looks or paint. 

Touchless Car Wash at Gas Station

Bigger chains of gas stations have also introduced Touchless car washes that are quicker, safer, and better. Touchless car wash doesn’t use any brushes, roller, or clothes to clean your car. Properly balanced detergents and high-pressure water is used to rinse your car clean and shiny. You won’t find a touchless car wash in any of the smaller gas stations, because it is an expensive setup. 

Below we have a video from Anwar Malik explaining How To Wash Car At Petrol Station:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a car wash?

Car wash costs can range from a couple of bucks to 25 bucks, depending on the type of car wash you get. Self-service car washes are the cheapest, and full-service car wash with detailing is the most expensive. 

Are car washes good for your car?

Yes, properly managed car washes are good for your car. However, if a car wash doesn’t use safe cleaning liquids and doesn’t change its rollers or cleaning equipment, it will probably risk damage to your car paint. 

How do you pay for a drive-through car wash?

Most of the drive-through car washes have a payment station, just like drive-thru food joints. However, if you don’t see one, you can simply head inside to the cashier station to pay for the service. 

Is it cheaper to wash your own car?

Yes, it is definitely cheaper. All you need is cleaning liquid, a sponge, a bucket, water, and microfiber clothes. Rest if your personal effort. Of course, it is quite time taking process, but for those who love their car, every second is worth it. 

Are gas station car washes good?

Reputable gas stations are renowned for managing quality car washes. These stations focus on maintaining the quality of their services to ensure their customer’s loyalty and satisfaction. So, you can say they are good. 

How often should you wash your car?

Under normal conditions, once every two to three weeks should suffice. However, if you have recently been on a dirt road or through a storm, then you should get your car washed sooner. 


Gas station car washes are known for their convenience and quality of service. They are in constant competition with other prominent gas stations to win more customers. Find the best gas station car wash near your location using our map above. You can read the reviews to decide which car wash would suit you the best. Our map provides you with a quick and simple way to find the nearest gas station car wash. You will find all the details you need to select the right car wash

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