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A Guide To Find Hand Car Wash Near Me

Hand Car Wash Near Me – Find A Hand Car Wash Near You Instantly. Use our interactive built-in map system to find nearest hand car wash locations, reviews and details.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to find a hand car wash near your location, then you have come to the right place. We can help you find the nearest manual car wash instantly with all the details you need. You can find hand car wash nearby locations, maps, operation hours, reviews, and much more. Scroll down below to see the list of best hand car washes near your location and select the nearest one that suits your needs. You can find many great manual car washes near your location. Welcome to the one-stop spot where you can find all kinds of car washes near your location instantly. 

How to Find a Hand Car Wash Near Me?

Enable GPS and location services on your device to get started. Simply scroll down to our interactive map below to find all the hand car wash nearby locations. If the map isn’t zoomed in on your location, you can use the Ctrl + Scroll feature or + button on the map to zoom in on your location. 

You will see a list of several hand car washes near you. You can explore them to find which one will suit you best. No need to mess with the search filters, we have already taken care of that. All the car washes listed here are manual and hand car washes. You can click or tap on any hand car wash location to find more details about it. These details will include pictures of the location, contact info, operation hours, price point, reviews, and much more. 

Hence, you will know whether the hand car wash is operational at the moment or not and if the place is busier than usual. You will also be able to read the experiences of customers who have used that car wash. Customer reviews give you a detailed insight into the quality of service that the car wash provides. 

Looking for the best hand car wash near me? Explore multiple car washes near your location, read their reviews, and judge the best one for yourself. You can also find a full-service hand car wash near you or simply an external washing spot. Reading through all the information will help you find the best and top-rated car washes in your area. 

Find Hand Car Washes in Another Location

Looking for a hand car wash in another city or another area, then don’t worry because we can still help you out. Simply open the map and scroll to the place in which you want to find hand-car washes. As soon as you scroll the map there, all the manual car washes in the area will automatically appear. Hence, using the interactive map on this page, you will be able to find hand car wash locations in any area or city. Below we have a video from the guys at Chicago Auto Pros showcasing their 100% manual wash:

What to Expect from a Hand Car Wash?

Hand car washes might be a bit slow, but they are the best and most thorough car wash you can get for your car. Reason? Because no hard brushes are involved. Only careful loving hands with sponges and cleaning products. Hands can reach in places, apply pressure when required and clean the car more thoroughly. So, for people who love their car and don’t want to wear out the paint anytime soon, hand car washes are the go-to choice. 

  • You can choose between two kinds of hand car washes. External hand car wash and full-service hand car wash. External hand car washes will involve professionals cleaning only the outside of your vehicle. You can remain in the car during the cleaning period or wait in the waiting room at the car wash or gas station. 
  • You can also use the free vacuuming service yourself after getting the exterior of the car wash cleaning. (If one is available.)
  • Full-Service Hand Car Washes are much more thorough. While you sit and relax in the waiting room, your car will be thoroughly cleaned from both inside and outside. It includes vacuuming, mat cleaning, taking out all the dust and debris, and cleaning the car to a squeaky shiny look. 
  • Hand car washes are gentle on the body of the vehicle. So, anyone who loves their car and has time to spare would definitely go for a hand car wash. 

Finding the best car wash can be a struggling process, but with our map tool, you can find one instantly. You can explore various manual car washes listed in your area to find the best one. You can also find the price range, special promotions, and complimentary services you can get there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to wash a car by hand?

If you are washing the car by yourself, then it will cost around 7 to 15 dollars for a self-service car wash. If you are getting it washed by car wash staff, it would cost around 20-25 dollars. Hand car washing is more thorough so it justifies the price point. 

Is hand-washing better for a car?

Yes, hand washing is much gentler on the car’s surface. No hard brushes are used to clean your car which means no scratches and the paint job also gets more life. Hand washing is more thorough and takes care of every little detail. 

Is a Touchless car wash better than a hand wash?

Hand car washes will always be superior to Touchless car wash. You can place touchless car wash in second place only if they are using a gentle soap. Touchless car washes may use harsh acids which if not hosed off properly can damage the paint. 

Does hand-washing your car scratch it?

Not if you are careful. Using sponges and microfiber cloths to clean your car won’t leave any scratches on your car’s surface. The only scratches are the ones that are caused by accidents like your hand slipping with an object. 

When should you not wash your car?

It is considered wise not to wash your car when it’s too cold. You should wait in winter till the temperature rises to wash your car. Also, don’t wash your car in heavy rain or before the rain. 

Which type of car wash is better?

Hand car wash is better than all other types of a car wash. Although it is slower, it’s also the most thorough when it comes to cleaning your car. Find a full-service car wash near your location using our map above. 


Find the best hand car wash nearby locations instantly with the interactive map shared on this page. Hand car washes are considered better than regular or machine car washes, as they are much more thorough. You can find all the details of each car wash near your location on the map. Go through the details and select the best car wash service that suits your needs. Also, if you are looking for a self wash in other locations, simply scroll the map to that location to find all car washes in the area.

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