How To Choose A Good Car Wash?

Choosing A Good Car Wash Guide

Your favorite car is strain-ridden and appears dirty! It’s a loud and clear wake-up call for getting a car wash. Because it can get badly smeared if you overlook it, try to choose some good car wash services that provide proper equipment through cleaning at a cost-effective pricing plan. 

Any car service offering a good lot and quality of equipment for car washing should be on your bucket list. Keep in mind that some auto car washes can cause damage to your car through rigorous cleaning tools. So, avoid these services at all costs. Now, your quest for a best car wash begins! But don’t worry, I will handle the rest for you. InCarWash has developed constructive ideas about choosing a great car wash.

Types of Car Wash

Before I explain you how to choose a good car wash, there is something important to the spotlight. And it is the various types of car wash you can select from? Here’s the description. 

  1. Self-Service Car Wash: Also known as DIY car wash. Through it, you can wash your car using the cleaning options provided. All you have to do is to search for a free lot and park your car there. Deposit the coins, i.e., the car wash fee, which can be 2 USD or more. Later adjust the options for how you want to wash the car. 
  1. Hybrid Automated Car Wash: Hybrid car wash is an automated process. At a washing route, the owner leaves the car, which is washed thoroughly. After a few minutes of auto-washing, it is set to dry. All this washing will cost you 10 to 20 USD. 
  1. Touchless Car Wash: Touchless car washes makes the customer remain in the car while it’s being washed. The jet bowlers accompany the high-pressure showers inserted in the bay to spray the detergent. It is cleaned with cleanser, then scrubbing the car body is followed by a blow dry. For a touchless car, the washing price is 10- 30 USD.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Good Car Wash

I have compiled a list of factors to consider when selecting a good car wash.


Location is the very first factor to look for in a good car wash service. An average of 20,000 plus cars enter the washing bay every day. So, choose a location that is not overcrowded so you can quickly get a quality car wash. Also, check for traffic congestion in the particular location. 


Another factor to consider when choosing a car wash is the cost. Generally, a good car wash will cost you more than 10 USD. If you want to wax after washing, then the cost can exceed. Thus, choose a high-performance service because it will still cost you less than 30 USD which is better than a cheap car wash leaving water spots. 

Detailing services:

If you have picked up the excellent car wash and are going for it, you must hold on! Check if the service provides interior detailing or not. Some car wash does not offer detailing, which can be cumbersome later. However, the mobile car wash offers detailing through the employees. Sometimes, you will receive a vacuum and free towels at the Do-it-yourself car wash service. 

Environmental Friendly

The penultimate factor you need to observe is whether the car wash is environmentally friendly. Many car washes use highly acidic chemical agents in the detergents or sprays, which are non-biodegradable, leaving enormous damage to the plant. Always consider car wash services that use eco-friendly cleaning products and biodegradable detergents. 


Last but not least is the reimbursement factor. Please make sure the car wash offers safety due to any damage, and then it is worthwhile; otherwise, drop the option. It is necessary because many car washes use uneven cleaning equipment and highly acidic chemicals for washing. Consequently, your car will be left with peeling paint, dull visuals and scratches. Hence, ask for the car wash insurance policy if you plan to wash your car from there. As a car wash station owner myself, I also did take this very serious to ensure that my station doesn’t ruin anyone’s car.

Here’s a detailed video by Ceramic Pro that explains my listed factors as well:


  1. Do cars run better after deluxe washing? 

Yes, cars run better after washing. The fact is that cleaning a vehicle clears off the debris residing in the car body. Since the dirt was to blame for car drag and washing keeps it off. According to an estimation, cars run 10 mph more after a good wash. It also allows air to move freely through the surface area, offering less aerodynamic drag. 

  1. What is the cost of a car wash?

Car washing cost is variable based on the location, quality of service, equipment and state of your car. But the costs will be 10 to 25 USD for an ordinary auto wash. If you want to add more quality service in one car wash, 30 USD is the maximum price. For self-service, the prices can be meager and charged per minute. Thus, a self-service car wash will cost 2 – 5 USD. 

  1. How long does a car wash take?

Through automatic car washing, the whole process will take up to 3 to 5 minutes in total. However, the timing still needs to be changed since it depends on the quality and quantity of equipment, service and cleanliness of the car. But it’s different when opting for mechanical washing. It will be time-consuming and take almost 1 hour to do so. 


Summing it up, when finding the best car wash, you should be comparable to your budget. Also, look up the cleaning service that guarantees the safety of your car. Furthermore, you can also seek self-service only if you’re well-versed. In addition, check for all the above-listed factors before choosing a car wash. You can review the customer’s rating to see if the service is up-to-the-mark. Don’t choose any car wash randomly but choose wisely the one that is worth your money. 

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